Setting a "Champions Tone" at the outset of class is critical to having a successful training session. 



General Keys to Starting A Champion Level Class: 

1. Clear Goals For the Warm Up:

  • Start on time
  • Start with 100% 

2. Planning and Preparation: (Prior to the Class)

  • Teachers: Have the room prepared prior to the class and know what they are teaching.
  • Students: Complete preparation tasks before the start of class as outlined by the coach/club(Fill up water bottle, check-in, have equipment prepared, be in a ready position for the clock to strike)

3. Routine, Routine, Routine: 

  • The start of class should follow a similar pattern everyday. Students should know what's expected of them within the first few minutes. 

Champions Training Habits:  "Champions..."

  1. Are Prepared Prior to Practice
  2. Start On Time
  3. Train with intention and focus
  4. Train with Spirit
  5. Have clear objectives and targets they want to accomplish


  • Students start walking around 4 set up cones while maintaining 5 feet of distance
  • Students are supposed to stop on "HALT" (and FREEZE) and run on "FENCE!"
  • Our teacher ensures that the fist lap is walked perfectly. (Champions do things RIGHT) 


Class starts on time and with the "Start Up" everyday. The Start Up sets the tone for the class and is a chance to assess the state of the classes focus, behavior and preparedness. We won't move past each section of the "Start Up" until it is done 100% correctly. -- The class keeps 5 feet of distance (Always) and they stay behind the person in front of them -- No talking. Hands out of pockets. Hats off. -- Use Entire body - hands moving with walking/running technique Before Class Starts: Students are "Checked In", have water bottle ready and all their fencing equipment is prepared The "Start Up" - Begins ON TIME. 1. Students walking 2-laps (or however many necessary to be done correctly) 2. Start jogging with music (Keep distance - stopping and starting with music) -- Depending on class, change speeds, various agility movements 3. Instructor connects to fencing: Distance, Balance, Start On Time, Stop On Time, Stay focused 4. ADDITIONAL: TM-FC Jumping Jackets (5-15 correctly) + TM-FC Push Ups (5-15 correctly)

Tim Morehouse Fencing Club Jumping Jacks