Starting Activities: The "Start Up" Run

Once the class has completed the "START UP WALK" at a "Level 5" we proceed into the "START UP RUN".

We have 5 Main Rules:

  1. Keep Distance: Keep a precise 5-feet of distance from the person in front of you
  2. Use Your Whole Body Use your whole body correctly when running or walking (i.e. arms should be working, legs should be bent) 
  3. No Talking 
  4. Be Prepared to FREEZE immediately when the music stops or HALT is called.
  5. Be prepared to START immediately when the music starts of FENCE is called. 

Things we Include in our Start up Run: 

  1. Jumping Jacks: Minimum 40 Jumping Jacks in Sets of 5, 10, 20 or more
  2. Push Ups: Minimum 20 Push Ups in sets of 5 or 10
  3. Plank - 2 Sets of 30-60 Seconds. 
  4. Up and Downs - Minimum of 10

Exercises we Build Into the Run: 

  1. HALT! (Complete Freeze - no movement at all!)
    1. DOWN! (Drop to the floor in 2 movements) 
    2. UP! (Rise from the floor in 2 movements) 
    3. 1st Position (Also Jumping Jack Position) 
    4. Push Up Position
  2. Fence (Begin Moving)

Line Leader: (Front) Keeps the pace either by following the instructors signals/commands or with older groups, can vary speeds and steps at their discretion. 

Line Leader: (Back) Calls HALT! and FENCE!