Setting a "Champions Tone" at the outset of class is critical to having a successful training session. 



General Keys to Starting A Champion Level Class: 

1. Clear Goals For the Warm Up:

  • Start on time
  • Start with 100% 

2. Planning and Preparation: (Prior to the Class)

  • Teachers: Have the room prepared prior to the class and know what they are teaching.
  • Students: Complete preparation tasks before the start of class as outlined by the coach/club(Fill up water bottle, check-in, have equipment prepared, be in a ready position for the clock to strike)

3. Routine, Routine, Routine: 

  • The start of class should follow a similar pattern everyday. Students should know what's expected of them within the first few minutes. 

Champions Training Habits:  "Champions..."

  1. Are Prepared Prior to Practice
  2. Start On Time
  3. Train with intention and focus
  4. Train with Spirit
  5. Have clear objectives and targets they want to accomplish